At the moment, CIP displays information on railway infrastructure in 24 European countries, covering the network of 8 out of 11 RFCs: Rhine-Alpine (RFC 1)North Sea – Mediterranean (RFC 2)Scandinavian – Mediterranean (RFC 3)Atlantic (RFC 4)Baltic – Adriatic (RFC 5)Mediterranean (RFC 6)Orient-East Med (RFC 7), North Sea – Baltic (RFC 8) and Amber (RFC 11). The remaining RFCs are scheduled to implement CIP by the end of 2020.


Contact details of the Corridors can be found here.

The remaining RFCs are invited to join the CIP Change Control Board as observers and to become CIP users at a later point in time. Corridor Amber (RFC 11) has scheduled to implement CIP in 2019 while all remaining RFCs are expected to join the platform by the end of 2020.