International Contingency Management (ICM) Re-Routing Options Implemented in the Customer Information Platform (CIP)

The user interface of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) is continually being enhanced to further increase the experience of CIP users. With this regard, the International Contingency Management (ICM) re-routing options have been implemented in the CIP recently. This new functionality enables CIP users to display, in an interactive map, all ICM lines along their selected Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) together with the availability of re-routing options for individual ICM lines. For every available re-routing option, the user may obtain a geographical representation of the re-routing line along with detailed information on applicable line properties along such line.

The visualisation of ICM re-routing options in the Interactive Map enables the participating RFCs to communicate their ICM-relevant information to the CIP users in an interactive and user-friendly manner. Furthermore, the newly introduced ICM re-routing options functionality is also compatible with the enhanced route planning functionality, thus enabling the users to design their custom routes and download the applicable line properties.

While most RFCs already display a complete set of their ICM lines and re-routing options in the interactive map, some are still working on completing their display. This process is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Therefore, to obtain a complete list of ICM re-routing options of individual RFCs, the CIP users are, for the time being, kindly asked to refer to the Information Documents Tab.