Successful roll-out of Customer Information Platform (CIP) to two new Rail Freight Corridors

Cooperation between RNE and the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) is once again proving fruitful. The Customer Information Platform (CIP) has been successfully rolled-out to the RFCs Mediterranean (RFC 6) and Orient-East Med (RFC 7). The information concerning these two RFCs is now available in the CIP productive environment powered by RNE under

With this, the CIP displays information on railway infrastructure in 24 European countries covering the network of 8 out of 11 RFCs: Rhine-Alpine (RFC 1)North Sea-Mediterranean (RFC 2)Scandinavian-Mediterranean (RFC 3)Atlantic (RFC 4)Baltic-Adriatic (RFC 5)Mediterranean (RFC 6), Orient-East Med (RFC 7) and North Sea-Baltic (RFC 8). The remaining RFCs are scheduled to implement CIP by the end of 2020.

In parallel, the user interface of CIP is continually being enhanced to further increase the experience of CIP users. Furthermore, the recently extended route-finding functionality enables the users of CIP to search for their preferred connection by filtering the corridor routes based on the available axle and/or meter load.

Website relaunch

As of 18 December 2017 the info pages of RailNetEurope’s IT tools were relaunched in a revised and improved version. All relevant information about CIP is now available in a more user-friendly and modern way.

The website is designed to provide potential and existing users with a first insight into the functionality of RNE’s IT Tools. To meet modern-day standards, the website is modular and responsively designed in order to accommodate users who access the site through mobile devices. The redesign of this website was the final step of a complete relaunch of RNE’s web presence with the goal of making information easily accessible to all users.

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